Monday, January 12, 2009

"kuih tepung pelita"

Let us share to all of you, to a recipe of a very yummy "kuih"..kuih tepung pelita! even it looks like nothing special but don't judge book by it's tastes delicious!!

1 + 3tbsp cup rice flour
1 cup sugar
5 cups water

2 tsp pandan paste
4 cups coconut milk
4 tbs rice flour
A bit of salt
2 square Glass or ceramic bowls (9x9 or 10x10)

1. In a pot, mix 1 + 3 tbsp cup rice flour, 1 cup sugar, 5 cups water and 2 tsp pandan paste and stir well until smooth. Keep aside.
2. In a different pot, mix coconut milk, 4 tbsp rice flour and salt and stir well. Keep aside.
3. Cook no.1 on slow heat, stirring continuously until shiny.
4. Pour equally into the 2 glass bowls.
5. Now cook no.2 it thickens. You must stir all the time to avoid the flour from getting clumpy.
6. Pour onto the 1st layer.
7. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy once its chilled.

Hope all you will try it at home! if anyone has tried it or ever eat it, let's share your opinion on this yummy "kuih" by sending your comment here!

From my point of view, i really like kuih tepung pelita because it is sweet, soft like jelly and very pure..(^_^)


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